TW12 Truck Wash & GP Cleaner


TW12 Heavy Duty Truck Wash

TG Coolants TW12 Heavy Duty Truck Wash is specifically formulated as a heavy-duty vehicle wash that is highly effective in removing dirt, soils, light oil/grease and road grime from all types of on and off-road transport including heavy and light vehicles on mine sites and railway rolling stock.

TW12 Heavy Duty Truck Wash is also a highly effective general-purpose cleaner and is suitable for use on off-shore drilling rigs.

TW12 Heavy Duty Truck Wash is a concentrated, biodegradable, non-caustic, streak free, “quick break” heavy duty truck wash. This multipurpose water based heavy duty cleaner is built to combat even the toughest of dirt, mud, grease and bugs leaving the surface clean and streak free.

 It is built tough enough to use on heavy mining and industrial equipment, but gentle enough to also use on cars, 4WDs, caravans, boats and even concrete floors. 

This product effectively removes road grime and dirt from all surfaces including plastic, rubber, chrome, aluminium and paintwork.

Suitable for use on all vehicles.

Safe for the Operator

TW12 is a general purpose cleaner with a non-hazardous, non-toxic, high foaming and concentrated formulation

Safe for the Equipment

TW12 is non-corrosive and multi-metal safe with a very “free rinsing” formulation that is effective in both soft and hard water areas.

Safe for the Environment

TW12 does not contain phosphate, caustic or other harsh alkalis, and is formulated from readily biodegradable materials.

Safe to Use

TW12 is classified as non-hazardous according to Safe Work Australia and as non-dangerous goods according to the ADG Code.


Order Code

10 Litres:

Code: 500313

20 Litres:

Code: 500314

200 Litres:

Code: 500317

1000 Litres:

Code: 500318

Suitable for use in all Surface and Underground Operations

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