Case Study: North Star Truck & Marine


North Star Truck & Marine

Company Size:

Medium / 20 Employees

Industry Type:

Truck Repair & Servicing

Contact Person:

Ray Ezzy


Ray Ezzy

TG Coolants’s Products used:

Engine Flush Premix & ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix.

Client Profile:

North Star Truck & Marine is a service and repair business that specialises in fleet maintenance. They have the ability to perform computer diagnostics for all makes and models of trucks and buses.

With more than 25 years experience, North Star Truck & Marine bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. 

Operating from their base in Cairns, Queensland, they offer their clients a 24/7 emergency call out and road-side assistance service.

Northstar Truck & Marine are also authorised repair agents for Mack, Volvo and UD.

In addition, the following are just some of the services they offer their clients:

  • Servicing, diagnostics & repairs
  • Fleet management
  • Certificate of inspections
  • Roadworthy certificates
  • Vehicle measure-ups
  • Defect clearance
  • Breakdown service
  • All truck, trailer & 4WD repairs

Client Requirements - Overview:

When we spoke with Ray, he expressed that he required a coolant that he could not only use across the board on all makes and models, but also one that would handle the temperatures experienced in far north Queensland, and northern Australia in general.

Because Ray’s business is a service orientated business, it was important to him to have a coolant product that would be dependable and would mirror the level of reliability that his business had become known for over the years. Especially considering that his client base included some large multi-national companies.

Ray has found that the logistics of stocking and managing several different coolant products based on the vehicle make and model, is a time consuming process, and not a financially beneficial process. 

Ray also wanted to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Key Concern / Problem:

To be able to use one coolant product across all makes and models of vehicle, and for it to be able to handle the temperatures experienced in northern Australia in the summer months, as it’s possible for manifolds and turbochargers to reach temperatures of around 500 degrees Celsius.

Previous/ Current solution:

Before switching to TG Coolant’s ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix, Ray was using a number of different competitor’s products, some of which were specific to certain makes and models of vehicles.


Engine Flush Premix & ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix.

Decision Making Process:

After assessing the data we supplied to him, Ray chose to roll out our Coolant product straight away, in order to assess it in real world conditions. If it worked, and he liked it, and if the cost benefits were there, then he would continue to use it.

Desired Outcome:

To have one product that he could use across all fleets regardless of makes and models, for the coolant product to be able to handle the temperatures experienced in Northern Australia, and to achieve a cost benefit over previous solutions.

Proposed Solution:

The solution we offered Ray was ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix, as it was a cost effective coolant that could be used across all makes and models of vehicles.

In addition to being a universal coolant product, it can handle the types of temperatures that are experienced in Northern Australia, which means that Ray would be able to use it in his clients vehicles, and be confident that the product would embody the level of quality that his clients had come to expect.

As a one off first step, Ray would drain the cooling systems of their existing products, and run our Engine Flush Premix for a period of 30 days, before then draining the Flush Premix, and filling with ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix.

The conditions of this real world test, as well as the duration of the assessment period, and the factors that would determine if Ray continued to use our coolant product, would be entirely in his control, and could arrive at his final conclusion in any way he saw fit.

Results & Benefits:

Ray was very happy with how our coolant product performed, and not only did he continue to use it, but has been using it now since 2018.

The ease of managing stock of a single engine coolant product, as opposed to many, was the desired outcome of Ray’s primary goal, to have one engine coolant to use across all fleets.

In addition Ray has also improved the engine temperature of these vehicles, which is especially beneficial for those vehicles operating in summer temperatures, in some of the hottest parts of Australia.

Because our Engine coolant is generally around 40% cheaper on average over our competitors  products, Ray has also seen a cost saving benefit to using our engine coolant. 


Our products have not only made life easier for Ray and his business by enabling him to replace multiple products with a single engine coolant, but he has also improved his bottom line because of the cost savings.

The vehicles that Ray’s business is responsible for, have also seen improved engine temperatures, which passes on a long-term cost benefit to his clients, as this should help improve the life of an engine.

We initially met with Ray in 2018, and he continues to be a valued client, as he has continued to use our products based on the benefits that they have brought to his truck repair & servicing business.

Overall outcome:

Ray has continued to use ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix because it met his need of having one product to use across all fleets, and he has not only seen an improvement in achieving lower temperatures, but has found that it represented excellent value for money in the market place.

Key Benefit: A single product to use across all fleets.

Ray is now able to stock a single coolant product, and know that it will be suitable across the board, regardless of type or make of vehicle.

Key Benefit: Improved Temperatures.

Even in Northern Australian summer temperatures, Ray has found our ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix performs as promised, and has seen a reduction in engine temperatures, which in turn helps to extend engine life.

Key Benefit: Value for Money

After using our engine coolant, Ray stated himself, that it represents excellent value for money in the market place, and that he has seen a cost benefit, which is a goal of any profitable business.