Our Answers to Some Popular FAQ's

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Yes. We pride ourselves in producing products that are not only safe for the operator, and safe for the equipment, but also that are safe for our environment. Our aim is to leave our future generations with a cleaner and greener future.

Our coolant products are a true “fill for the life” of the engine product, engine rebuild to engine rebuild. Lasts 8 Years or 250,000 km for Automotive/Light Passenger Vehicles and 1.25 million kilometres or 24,000 hours for Heavy Duty Diesel engine applications. It requires no supplemental coolant additives (SCA’s) to be added. Ensure you top up using coolant and NOT water and see the maintenance free benefits of the technology.

No. The old days of just topping your radiator up with water when it’s running low are gone. Engine castings are thinner and lighter, and engines are producing more horsepower and heat than ever before. The stress placed on coolants by a modern engine are significant. Topping up with water only serves to dilute the coolant, and eventually will reach a point where the necessary protection won’t be achieved, and then your engine could suffer from a range of issues that could include: engine overheating and/or engine failure, liner cavitation, liner seal failure, water pump failure, radiator blockages.
To ensure a safe cooling system for your engine, always use more of our coolant product.

The simple answer is YES. TG Coolants long life technology is universal. It controls the corrosion of cast iron as well as sophisticated aluminium alloys and provides protection to seals and polymers found in the modern day engine. It is suitable for petrol, LPG or diesel engines in cars, trucks, heavy earthmoving equipment through to power stations. It is truly one product for your own car or your entire fleet.

YES, the water based version called ENVIROLife is Non-Toxic and safe, it’s classified as “Readily Biodegradable” and environmentally friendly. It is classified as non-hazardous according to the criteria of NOHSC(formally Worksafe). Unlike Conventional Coolant chemistry and many other products on the market that have proven cancer causing agents in their make up, our products deliver a truly better option for humanity and the environment.

NO, our range of products meets and exceeds global coolant standards as well as the service requirements of most OEM engine manufacturers internationally. Since 1991 millions of dollars has been spent on this technology in research and development and millions of kilometres/hours done in testing. The formulation is patented globally and a leading product in this specialist field giving you piece of mind.

YES. In most cases during the implementation phase when changing over to our Coolants, you can top the product off on top of your existing coolant until the next scheduled service interval. You should then change the vehicle/equipment’s coolant out correctly. It is recommended to use our Flush product when moving from your previous coolant product to our Coolant. An equipment “Change Out Procedure” is available upon request.

It is always recommended to run a water filter especially on larger pieces of equipment. However you need to ensure that the radiator filters are NON-Charged/Blank water filters. The TG Coolant technology does not require chemically charged radiator filters to be used as the new chemistry does not deplete in service. We can provide you a range of NON- Charged/blank radiator filters to suit most engines.

Coolant Management that Reduces Your Downtime.

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