Case Study: Crossy's Cranes


Mobile Crane Company

Company Size:

30+ Mobile Cranes, Trucks, and Light Vehicles.

Industry Type:

Crane Hire and Transport

Contact Person:

Gary Cross

Business Owner:

Gary Cross

TG Coolants’s Products used:

Engine Flush Premix & ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix

Client Profile:

A Mobile Crane Company with over 30 mobile cranes, trucks, and light vehicles.

Crossy’s Cranes are a Cairns based crane hire business. They service Tully to Mossman as well the western districts.

With a highly skilled team, they collectively bring with them over 300 years of industry experience to projects they take on.

Each member of their team has the training and expertise to assist their clients achieve their construction and development goals and deadlines, across a wide variety of different sized projects.

Not only are they experts in their field, handling a variety of larger commercial and industrial projects, but they also cater to the residential and even marine sectors as well.

When putting together their fleet of modern cranes, they chose internationally trusted manufacturers, and strive to keep their cranes maintained to the highest standard, as they consider reliability to be key on every job.

TG Coolants work together with Crossy’s Cranes to help them achieve that goal.

Client Requirements - Overview:

The client, Gary, was looking to acquire a suitable “Fleet Coolant”. He had stated that cross-contamination with different cooling systems was of great concern, having several different coolants in the workshop stock already. This included concentrates.

This is a common problem, and something we see a fair bit of at TG Coolants.

In a lot of cases we see coolants being mixed with other coolants, and sometimes having just water added for top up.

The problem this causes, is that it leads to the inhibitors breaking down in the cooling system.

When the inhibitors break down in the cooling system, this can lead to overheating, increased wear, and even corrosion.

Key Concern / Problem:

Cross contamination by having several different coolant premixes and concentrates already in stock.

Previous/ Current solution:

Buying a different brand of coolant for each make of vehicle to satisfy OEM recommendations, and as a result have ended up with too many different coolants.


ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix.

Decision Making Process:

Gary chose to convert to TG Coolant’s products because using one coolant across his whole fleet, would not only solve the cross-contamination issues he had been having, but also there was an added cost benefit over the OEM coolants.

Desired Outcome:

To eliminate cross-contamination issues by using one coolant across his entire fleet.

Reduce budget allocated to coolants.

Proposed Solution:

We recommended to Gary that converting his entire fleet to ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix, would not only eliminate the cross contamination scenario but would also add to his bottom line, as it can be up to half the price of the OEM coolants in most cases.

We explained to Gary, that not only is the ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix a world class fleet coolant, but is also Non-flammable and readily Biodegradable.

Additional points that were of interest to Gary when deciding to trial our product on his fleet were:

  • The coolant is also known to reduce engine operating temperatures.
  • Our coolant has a longer life, tested over millions of test kilometres.
  • Our TG Coolant technology more than doubles the life of conventional coolants.
  • Our ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix was compatible with his entire fleet, as it meets all Original Equipment Manfacturers (OEM) specifications and ecological, toxicological requirements.
  • The product is safer to use, for the environment, and for his staff.

Results & Benefits:

Gary has been very happy with how smooth the changeover went, as well as the results.

By changing to ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix, and only using our product, there have been no further issues of different coolant premixes or concentrates being mixed together, or topped up with water, as top-ups will now only be done with our coolant premix from now on.

By using our coolant premix, Gary has seen how it has affected his bottom line. Not only has it saved him money over other cooling products, but thanks to our coolant’s non-depleting properties, it means it provides significant cost savings at scheduled service intervals also.


Our coolant product allowed Gary and his Mobile Crane business to solve a key concern within his business, coolant cross-contamination, and in doing so, saved money.

Gary has expressed to us how pleased he has been, not just with the results, but also with how smooth and easy the changeover process was.

Overall outcome:

Changing over to ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix solved the cross-contamination issues for Gary, and has had cost savings over previous products that he was using.

Key Benefit: No Cross-Contamination Issues

By only using our product across the entire fleet, there have been no further issues of cross-contamination.

Key Benefit: Cost Savings

Our product has not only been cheaper for Gary, but will last longer, which has improved Gary’s bottom line. He has told us that he has seen around a 50% saving since switching to our products.