Rim & Tyre Protection

Superior Corrosion Protection for rims and tyres is a modern technology, tyre corrosion inhibitor based on the use of carboxylate chemistry that provides superior protection to rims and tyre casings by protecting them at a molecular level.

RimShield Premixed provides protection by laying down a tenacious nanometric scale level film on the rim’s surface, that prevents corrosion/rust forming whilst protecting the inner cores of the tyre casing.

In use, it is safe for the operator, the equipment and the environment.

Unlike most conventional inhibitors, RimShield Premixed does not contain any environmentally unacceptable materials such as nitrites, amines, phosphate, borates, molybdates or silicates. Being organic, RimShield Premixed has very low toxicity to fish and mammals and is readily biodegradable.

The use of RIMShield Premixed will considerably reduce the environmental impact for used product disposal and minimize occupational health and safety issues.

Multimetal Corrosion Protection

It Protects Both Alloy and Steel Rims

Longlife Corrosion Protection

Non-depleting technology results in longer corrosion protection, particularly where equipment may be left in long term storage

Improved Heat Transfer

Removes heat from the tyre casing more effectively compared to conventional rim protection

Better for the Environment

Being organic in nature, RimShield Premixed is essentially non-toxic and readily biodegradable resulting in minimal damage to the environment when disposed of or accidentally spilt.


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Other Brands vs RimShield

This picture showcases real world results of RimShield when compared to other brands.

On the right you can see the rim treated with RimShield. 

And remember, RimShield is non-toxic and biodegradable.

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