Radiator Treatment System

Flush Premix cooling system treatment is a safe, highly effective non-acid, non-flammable and readily biodegradable flush that is used to clean and descale contaminated engine cooling systems when changing coolant.
It is also Phosphate and Amine free.

Especially where historical contaminants such as mineral scale and metallic oxides are found in the cooling system. It is available in a ready to use Premix. Flush Premix is safe to use on all metals and will not harm rubber hoses, gaskets or water pump seals.

FLUSH Premix is compatible with both ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Engine Coolant and other proprietary engine coolants. It is non-toxic, readily biodegradable, nitrite, amine and phosphate (NAP) free, and contains a mixture of highly efficient organic corrosion inhibitors and dispersant/detergent agents that will remove mineral scale and oxide deposits.
FLUSH Premix can be used for up to 30 days in the cooling system without damaging the cooling system components, following which it must be drained out and the cooling system thoroughly flushed and rinsed out with clean and fresh water.

Suitable for all Engines

FLUSH provides no harm to metals, rubber hoses, gaskets and water pump seals, and removes light mineral scale and limited oxide deposits thereby improving cooling system efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly

FLUSH Radiator System Treatment in the unused form is non-toxic to aquatic life. It is also biodegradable, and phosphate & amine free.

Life Span

Can be used for up to 30 days in the cooling system.


FLUSH Premix is classified as "Non-Hazardous Substance" according to the criteria of Safe Work Australia.


Order Code

10 Litres:

Code: 10000013

20 Litres:

Code: 10000014

200 Litres:

Code: 10000018

1000 Litres:

Code: 10000017

FLUSH Premix is Safe for the Operator, Equipment and the Environment.

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