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Non-flammable Engine Coolant

Envirolife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant is a non- flammable, non-toxic engine coolant. Suitable for petrol engines, light commercial vehicles, gas or heavy duty diesel engines.

It meets all OEM specifications and ecological, toxicological requirements. All tests show that the product is environmentally safe and non-toxic to marine life. Classified as “Readily Biodegradable”. The product contains no environmentally harmful borates, amines, nitrites or phosphates. The fact that our product is non-toxic also addresses any occupational health and safety concerns.

TG Coolants longlife engine coolants are based on non-depleting carboxylate technology. This technology provides superior protection to all components of the cooling system including those exotic materials like aluminum and magnesium found in the modern day engine. Unlike conventional coolants the need for regular additions of SCA’s at scheduled service intervals is no longer required, providing a true longlife product which provides significant cost savings.

Apart from the products unique biodegradable properties the longlife nature of the product allows longer service intervals and reduces the need for new coolant and decreases the impact on the environment.

Longer Life

Supported by millions of test kilometres, the TG Coolant technology more than doubles the life of conventional coolants.

OEM Compatible

Our products suit all major Original Equipment Manfacturers (OEM) equipment, and meet or exceed most global coolant standards.

No SCA Additives

TG Coolants non-depleting properties means it provides significant cost savings at scheduled service intervals.


Our products are classified as NON-TOXIC according to the criteria of NOHSC making them safe for any person coming in contact with the product.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products are classified as “readily biodegradable” posing no harm to the environment


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