Case Study: Civil Earthmoving Company


Civil Earthmoving Company

Company Size:

Has a working fleet of over 100 pieces of equipment

Industry Type:


Contact Person:


Business Owner:


TG Coolants’s Products used:

Engine Flush Premix & ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix

Client Profile:

A Civil Earthmoving Company with a working fleet of over 100 pieces of equipment.

This civil earthmoving company has been around for over 40 years. Not only that, but they are locally owned and operated.

In their time they have completed countless projects across Queensland, Cape York Peninsula and the Torres Strait Islands. 

They have provided their services to both private and commercial developers, as well as both Local and State Government. Their enviable reputation has also seen them to be sought after by the aquaculture, and thoroughbred racing industries.

They have been involved with a wide range of different project types over the years, and as a result have built up a level of vast experience that many aspire to, and only a few achieve.

Their equipment works predominately in Far North Queensland, and has to deal with some of the toughest temperatures that Australia has to offer.

TG Coolants has worked with this earthmoving company to resolve a key issue they were having with some of their equipment, that was costing them both time and money.

Client Requirements - Overview:

During warmer months of business, the owner Barry had 2 Cat scrapers working in a very remote, and hot, part of Far North Queensland.

The problem at that time is that the operators were having to shut down the engines a few times during the daily shift due to overheating. 

This was increasing downtime, reducing productivity, and simply increasing the overall cost of operations.

The challenge was to reclaim those lost productive man hours, in a way that would not be detrimental to the engine, equipment, or the operater.

Key Concern / Problem:

Overheating of two Cat scrapers, that were having to be shut down several times per shift, increasing downtime, and overall cost of operation.

Previous/ Current solution:

At the time we spoke with Barry, the best solution that they had found, after using several different coolants, was to shut down several times during the shift to allow the engines to cool naturally. This was a costly process, both in time and dollars.


Engine Flush Premix & ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix.

Decision Making Process:

Trialling TG Coolant’s products for 3 months, and compare results.

Desired Outcome:

Reduced downtime, increase in active operating hours, and reduced overall cost of operations.

Proposed Solution:

We suggested to Barry to drain the cooling systems on the two machines and fill both with the TG Coolant Engine Flush Premix, and run for a period of 30 days.

Then drain the Engine Flush Premix, and refill with our ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix.

Once running on TG Coolant’s ENVIROLife Heavy Duty Platinum Coolant Premix, the plan was to run the two Cat scrapers for several months, and then compare the results with the previous circumstances to see how our products had performed.

This was a real-world test, and conducted, and assessed entirely by Barry, and his Cat scraper’s operators.

Results & Benefits:

When we caught up with Barry few months later, after the trial period, he informed us that neither machine had experienced overheating, and they had not had to shutdown during the daily shifts, not even once.

Barry has benefitted from an obvious increase in productivity due to the increased operational hours the two Cat scrapers have seen.

This in turn has reduced the costs associated with downtime, as well as increased the profit associated with being more productive in a set period of time.


Our products provided a way for Barry’s Civil Earthmoving Company to reclaim lost profit due to missed operating hours, as a results of frequent shutdowns, due to overheating.

In fact, our products didn’t just reduce the shutdowns, they eliminated them altogether!!

This allowed Barry’s company to be operational during the entire shift, maximising the time-efficiency of the two Cat scrapers.

In addition to these obvious benefits, Barry’s Company also became a little more environmentally friendly, and safer, given how our products are non-hazardous, non-flammable, and non-toxic. They are also biodegradable.

This makes them safer for the environment, as well as the operators.

Barry was very pleased with the outcome, and continues to use our products based on how they have performed for him.

Overall outcome:

The outcome was a resounding success, with neither Cat scraper having to be shutdown due to overheating during this trial period, and to the best of our knowledge, nor since.

Key Benefit: Increased Up-Time

Increased Up-Time. No more shutdowns during the shift due to overheating.

Key Benefit: Increased Productivity

With no more shutdowns during the shift, Barry’s Civil Earthmoving Company is able to complete more work during the same shift length, achieving more operational / man hours in the same period of time.

Key Benefit: Improved Cost of Operations

No more wasted downtime.
More work accomplished in the same time frame.
Dramatic drop in engine temperature, allowing more productivity per day.
Cost of our product was cheaper, lasted longer, and performed better.